Get started

Get started in 5 minutes

Welcome to Shipped, the NextJS boilerplate to launch your product in hours.

Shipped code is on GitHub, so start by cloning the repo.

If you have purchased the Startup package:

git clone

If you have purchased the Startup + Chrome Extension package:

git clone
cd shipped # enter the shipped folder (or cd shipped-browser-extensions)
git remote remove origin # remove the remote origin
cp .env.example .env # copy the env file
npm i # install the dependencies
npm run dev # start the local next.js server

At this point, your product is running at http://localhost:3000

Point your browser to that page, and see it in action! 🚀

Pretty exciting, right?!


Check the Configuration page to configure your web app (mandatory for most of the features).

NodeJS Version

To correctly run Shipped, you need to use a version of NodeJS 20.10.0

To enforce it, the repository includes a .nvmrc file.

NVM is a Node Version Manager that you can download here.

To activate the correct NodeJS version, go to the Shipped folder and run

nvm install 20.10.0
nvm use

Install the script to automatically switch nodejs version when you move to a folder with a .nvmrc file

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