Launch a pre-sale

Create a pre-sale landing page

Pre-sales are a great way to validate your product.

It consists of a landing page that shows the problem solved and the features of your future product, and it proposes a lifetime deal to pre-order your product.

This is the best validation possible, you collect money (strong validation) even if you don't have the product built.

I suggest you invite the buyers of the lifetime deal into a community (Slack, Discord, Telegram), they represent your early users and can give you tremendous insights about what to build and which problems to solve. Shape your product based on their feedback.

To create a pre-sale page, open src/app/page.tsx and paste this:

import { ExplainerVideo } from "@/components/ExplainerVideo/ExplainerVideo";
import { FAQ } from "@/components/FAQ/FAQ";
import { Features } from "@/components/Features/Features";
import { Footer } from "@/components/Footer/Footer";
import { Header } from "@/components/Header/Header";
import { Hero } from "@/components/Hero/Hero";
import { Lifetime } from "@/components/Lifetime/Lifetime";

export default function Home() {
  return (
      <Header />
      <main className="">
        <Hero showCta={false} showBookDemo={false} showUsers={false} />
        <ExplainerVideo />
        <Features showCta={false} />
        <FAQ />
        <Lifetime />
      <Footer />

You'll get a page like this:

To know more about the lifetime deal customize, check the Lifetime component docs.

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