Make a waiting list

If you are still building the product, while talking to the potential customers, it might be a good idea to create a waitlist. You'll be able to evaluate if people are interested in your value proposition, and onboard new users progressively.

To create a waitlist landing page, open src/app/page.tsx and paste this:

import { ExplainerVideo } from "@/components/ExplainerVideo/ExplainerVideo";
import { FAQ } from "@/components/FAQ/FAQ";
import { Features } from "@/components/Features/Features";
import { Footer } from "@/components/Footer/Footer";
import { Header } from "@/components/Header/Header";
import { Hero } from "@/components/Hero/Hero";
import { Waitlist } from "@/components/Waitlist/Waitlist";

export default function Home() {
  return (
      <Header />
      <main className="">
        <Hero showCta={false} showBookDemo={false} showUsers={false} />
        <ExplainerVideo />
        <Features showCta={false} />
        <FAQ />
        <Waitlist />
      <Footer />

You will get a page like this:

To learn how to plug your email service, see the Waitlist component docs.

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