Use AWS SES to send magic link emails

First, you’ll need to create your SMTP credentials for AWS Simple Email Service (SES):

  • On the old SES console, there’s an SMTP Settings link on the left side.

  • On the new SES console, the link is under Account dashboard on the left sidebar.

Create new SMTP credentials, and copy them. The final string will look like this:


There are three variables that you should replace in this string:

  • username and password, which are the SMTP credentials you created earlier.

  • us-east-1 replace it with the region that you’re sending emails from

Set this value into the .env file


Open src/config/auth.ts and set:

    server: process.env.AWS_SES_SMTP || ""
    from: process.env.EMAIL_FROM || "",
    // maxAge: 24 * 60 * 60, // How long email links are valid for (default 24h)

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