Supabase is a popular open-source platform (Firebase alternative) that provides many interesting services, like, Authentication, Postgres Database, Realtime database, Edge functions, REST API, GraphQL, and so on.

Shipped supports Supabase Auth with these methods:

- magic link auth - email and password - SSO (social login)

Due to the many changes that affect the codebase of Shipped, there is a dedicated branch called supabase. If you intend to use Supabase Auth, move to the supabase branch and start working on top of it.

Move to the supabase branch:

git checkout supabase

Supabase get started

To use Supabase, start creating a new Supabase project at

Environment variables

Once done, you need to set two environment variables:


You can retrieve the values from

We have dedicated guides about the setup of Supabase Auth:

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