Deploying the app is very simple, you have different options that I will describe to you.

You can use services like Vercel (my favorite), Netlify, or Render, or even self-host it on your server if you prefer.

5 minutes deploy

These are the steps:

  1. Create a private Git repository using GitHub (my favorite), GitLab, BitBucket, or your favorite service.

  2. Add the Shipped folder to your Git repository (details below)

  3. Sign up for Vercel and publish your website in 1-click.

2. How to add the Shipped folder to your Git repository.

Open the Terminal, go to the Shipped folder, and run these commands:

# unlink the Shipped git repository
git remote remove origin
# add your git repository as a remote
git remote add origin <your git repo link>

Now, when you create a new commit and push it, the new code will go to your Git repository.

If you linked Vercel, Netlify, or Render, each pushed commit to the main branch will trigger a new release.

If you haven't already, sign up to Vercel and connect your GitHub repository.

If you reached this point, your product is live, congrats! 🚀

Share your product with me if you want it to be featured on the website of Shipped!


This configuration is for skilled engineers, and it takes more time.

Running your app is as simple as running this command npm run start in the Shipped folder.

This means that you can upload your code to a remote server (like an AWS EC2 or Hetzner instance) and run this command. Your website will be available on port 3000 (but you can customize it with the option -p <port>).

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