Customer support


Userdesk is an AI Chatbots platofmr. It allows you to train a chatbot (similar to ChatGPT) that replies to the visitors and users of your product in a live chat, embedded on your website.

  1. Sign up to Userdesk

  2. Add your website URL

  3. Connect a brand new Notion page or Google Doc, that you'll structure as an FAQ document

  4. Set NEXT_PUBLIC_USERDESK_CHATBOT_ID into .env with the chatbot id

The chatbot will be automatically included on the website.


Crips is a customer support solution. To add a widget to your page, create an account at Crisp, then paste the Crisp Website ID value into .env for the variable NEXT_PUBLIC_CRISP_WEBSITE_ID

The live chat widget will be automatically included in your website.

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