Build a SaaS

With Shipped you get a solid starting point to build your own SaaS (Software as a Service). Shipped comes with subscription plan support and subscription lifecycle built-in (Lemon Squeezy webhooks).

To create a SaaS landing page, open src/app/page.tsx and paste this:

import { CtaBox } from "@/components/CtaBox/CtaBox";
import { ExplainerVideo } from "@/components/ExplainerVideo/ExplainerVideo";
import { FAQ } from "@/components/FAQ/FAQ";
import { Features } from "@/components/Features/Features";
import { Footer } from "@/components/Footer/Footer";
import { Header } from "@/components/Header/Header";
import { Hero } from "@/components/Hero/Hero";
import { Pricing } from "@/components/Pricing/Pricing";
import { Testimonials } from "@/components/Testimonials/Testimonials";

export default function Home() {
  return (
      <Header />
      <main className="">
        <Hero />
        <ExplainerVideo />
        <Features />
        <Testimonials />
        <Pricing />
        <FAQ />
        <CtaBox />
      <Footer />

You'll get a strong foundational landing page with all the blocks you need to convince people to sign up and buy your product. Hero section, Explainer Video (record yourself demoing the product — I suggest ScreenStudio for screen recording), Features, Testimonials, Pricing, FAQs, Call To Action.

At this point, you just need to configure the subscription plans on Lemon Squeezy and configure Shipped. See the Pricing component docs.

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