Create your store on Lemon Squeezy

Lemon Squeezy makes it incredibly easy to create a store, add your products, and start selling them.

The types of services supported by Lemon Squeezy are but are not limited to eBooks, PDFs, design assets, photos, audio, video, SaaS/software companies, premium courses, membership sites, etc.

Lemon Squeezy (LS) is a Merchant of Records. It means that, compared to Stripe (a payment processor), LS deals with taxation across borders, for you! Remove the headache of managing the taxation, you only need to pay your own taxes for your country of residence (consult a local accountant to learn more).

This is why Lemon Squeezy is my default choice when I start a new product.

The LS store approval process usually takes 1-2 business days, but mines were approved in less than 24 hours.

Follow this checklist before submitting your store for activation:

  • Buy a domain using Namecheap (or any other similar service).

  • Be sure to have the landing page online (follow the Deployment guide)

  • Be sure to have the Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions pages in place.

You are now ready to activate your store on LemonSqueezy and start making money online!

Share your product with me if you want it to be featured on the website of Shipped! 🚀

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