Collect information about your users

Shipped provides a basic onboarding to collect information about the users that signup into your product for the first time.

When the button Next is clicked, the answers are saved to the database, and the onboarding is marked as complete for the currently authenticated user.

The page also checks if:

  • the user is logged in, otherwise redirects the page to /login

  • the onboarding is complete, in positive case, it redirects to /dashboard

You reach the onboarding page by browsing /onboarding.

Customize the questions

You can customize the questions by updating the file src/components/UserOnboarding/onboarding.questions.ts

You can define free text and questions with predefined answers.

export const questions: Question[] = [
    question: "What's your name?",
    type: "text",
    name: "name",
    question: "What's your role?",
    type: "select",
    name: "role",
    options: ["Founder", "Product Manager", "Engineer", "Designer"],
    question: `Where did you find ${brandName}?`,
    type: "select",
    name: "source",
    options: [
      "Twitter / X",

A database table named UserOnboarding is required (already included prisma.schema)

model UserOnboarding {
  id         String   @id @default(cuid())
  userId     String
  isComplete Boolean  @default(false)
  role       String?
  source     String?
  createdAt  DateTime @default(now())
  updatedAt  DateTime @updatedAt
  user       User     @relation(fields: [userId], references: [id])

To customize the questions, you need to:

  • update table UserOnboarding to include the question key you want to use (by default role and source)

  • run npx prisma generate to update the database types

  • update the file src/components/UserOnboarding/onboarding.questions.ts

  • update PostOnboardingRequest in src/app/api/onboarding/route.ts with the expected question keys

  • update the question keys in src/app/api/onboarding/route.ts (validity checks and the prisma record creation await prismaClient.userOnboarding.create({)

  • finally run npx prisma db push to apply the updated table to your database

By default, the name question value is stored in the table User in the column name if it's not present.

This is particularly useful if you are using email authentication.

Hook: useOnboarding

const { isLoadingOnboarding, isOnboardingCompleted } = useOnboarding();

This hook is particularly useful to check if the onboarding, for the current user, is completed or not.

If you have an onboarding, you probably want to redirect the user after the signup, but only if it is not complete.

To do that you can use isOnboardingCompleted in the SignUp component and update the redirect URL accordingly. Here's an example:

const { isLoadingOnboarding, isOnboardingCompleted } = useOnboarding();
const redirectRoute = isOnboardingCompleted ? Routes.dashboard : Routes.onboarding
const redirectUrl = window?.location ? `${window.location.origin}${redirectRoute}` : "",

const onGoogleSignUp = () => {
    signIn("google", {
      callbackUrl: redirectUrl

const onEmailSignUp = async () => {
    await signIn("email", {
      callbackUrl: redirectUrl

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